About MO

About MO

Hello Everyone, I am Mouna, but you can call me MO. MO is my nickname which was given by my DAD and I love it a lot. My dad also calls me with Different names as Gypsy, Hippie, Wanderer and Nomad etc., as I love Travelling.

I am A Post Graduate in Automobile Engineering, A Traveller, An Entrepreneur, A Fitness Enthusiast and A Digital Marketing Consultant.

Apart from that, I am a Sports Enthusiast, where I represented my State and my University in Athletics (Running, High Jump and Relay) in India.

I always dreamt of being my own boss, so I left my job and started Entrepreneurship in Restaurants and Engineering Products. Though I failed at my businesses, I never stepped back.

Still, I am rising high like tides to reach where I belong. I strongly believe in ‘Failure is a stepping stone for success’.

I am a Solo Traveler and who believes that travelling sets the soul free and inspires to take risks in life and it also allows to think more positively towards the LIFE.

I am especially looking forward to a life of a wanderer where I don’t need to live a predictable lifestyle.

Here in my  Blog, You can look forward to articles on Travelling, Fitness, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Marketing.

I want everyone to travel because for me travelling gives a new hope in life and indulges a positive personality, and I want the same for others as well. I hope my travel blog will inspire you to travel, to stay fit, to venture more and to learn skills to monetize the blog.

I love listening to Metallica – Wherever I May Roam, this is my all time favourite as a Wanderer.

If you have anything to ask, please contact me through ASK ME