Why Choose a Budget Hotel in India

Why Choose a Budget Hotel in India

My next trip is to Jaipur and I had already booked a budget hotel for my two days stay. I mostly prefer hostels over hotels when I travel alone, but this time as my friends are accompanying me I opted for a budget hotel. While booking a budget hotel in India I did a research about which type of budget hotels I should choose in Jaipur and why! In that regard I thought, why don’t I share a guide to choosing budget hotels in India! So, here I am with my article.

Places-to-visit-in-jaipur Why Choose a Budget Hotel in India

When people are planning a vacation or a holiday with family, many opt to go for cheap hotels to give a relaxation for their tight budget. But vacation or holidaying means, leaving stress back at home and comes for joyful atmosphere! Looking for a relaxed, comfort and joyful place within a budget is not an offence. And nowadays it’s not even tough to find a budget hotel which is inexpensive and fits well in the budget.

Budget Hotel in India vs Luxury Hotel In India

If you are planning a vacation within India, and you have a set budget for accommodation then opting for budget hotels in India is the best choice. You can find a wide range of quality, price and comfort within the hotel. If you get a chance, then choose an old hotel which gives a colonial feel with good staff. You have a lot of options to search for budget hotels like Booking.com and oyorooms.com. Even you can compare prices of many booking sites and choose the best one through Trivago. 

Budget-Hotels-in-India Why Choose a Budget Hotel in India


Well before choosing a budget hotel in India, you have to decide the holiday destination and then that place will decide the rates of the accommodation. Make sure to figure out your priority, convenience or the hotel price! Now a day’s very important amenities like clean, comfortable room, en-suite bathroom facilities, Wi-Fi internet access and more are also provided in a budget hotel as well. And if your luck strikes, you can also find great hotels at an affordable price during off season.

Budget-Hotels-selection Why Choose a Budget Hotel in India

Luckily, Jaipur has many hostels and hotels with a variety of prices which absolutely fits into my budget. And this time I am going with oyoroom.com

Apart from budget hotels, even backpacker hostels provide a great deal with their private rooms.

Tips for choosing a room

Never trust the hotel touts who wait at bus and train stations. They work for a commission.

Try to choose older budget hotels which have a good taste of architecture.

If your trip is for several days, then you can negotiate for better price, especially at off-season time.

Some hotels try to woo you with their low rate in order to sell tours and activities in the area. Better avoid such hotels.

The Internet is our best friend. So, put a little effort and you can find most of the facilities in any budget hotel.

Sometimes, the budget hotel you have chosen turns out to be disappointing. Never hesitate, and contact the booking provider and bash them right away for faking it with photos.


Safety and Security Tips

Always lock your room before going out, and also close windows. Few curious people may come inside to have a look.

Solo Female Travellers should avoid the budget hotels with rooftop restaurants, as they are staffed with young men.

If you are a first-time traveler to India as a solo female and looking for some tips, then here is the GUIDE exclusively for you.


If you liked my article and want to add some more tips for choosing room or safety, please comment in the box so I can keep updating it. It will be helpful for someone at some point.

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  1. If you are a passionate traveler, don’t miss to visit India. There you find very ancient monuments.
    India is a land of many paradoxes. You can find there so rich and so poor; very expensive hotels and very cost-effective ones. As in the blog, Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. Out of the many, the post’s one thing deserves praise that it warns you not to believe touts who are mainly found at bus and train stations. Always one thing you remember- never rely on middle men; directly deal with the hotel executives.

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