Know How To Get Canada Tourist Visa From India

Know How To Get Canada Tourist Visa From India

This article will guide you about how to apply for Canada tourist visa from India. Canada name itself gives a chill vibe to me. When someone talks about Canada, the first thought hits my mind is of snow. I sometimes think, how people are living there in that cold climate. I mean insanely cold according to me, but that the beauty of that nation. Isn’t it?

Canada a North American country where you can find the US on its south and Arctic Circle on its north. Recently Canada has become a hotspot for study and immigration for Indians. And if it’s a hotspot then no wonder it has some beautiful tourist attraction which one has to visit in his lifetime.

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And if you are one of those who wanna have a trip to explore the beauty of those snow filled cities in Canada and looking for information regarding how to get Canada tourist visa from India then you are at right place. Let break the process into simple steps and explain you in a better way.

Before applying for a Tourist visa you might definitely have some quick question in your mind like the following:

How long does it take to get a Canada Tourist Visa for Indians

To get a tourist visa one has to wait for 2 to 3 business weeks. The process will be like you have to apply on Citizenship and Immigration Canada Regional (CIC) website and then the officials of CIC will evaluate and take the decision.

How Long One Can Stay In Canada On Tourist Visa For Indians

The maximum entry for multiple entry visas is for 10 years but after 6 months of stay in Canada you to leave and re-enter the nation. And on single entry visa, it can be 6 months or one month prior to the expiry of your passport, earlier will be considered the most.

What is Single Entry And Multiple Entry Visa

It’s simple to understand the reason behind these names of visa, in single entry visa you will be allowed to Canada for one-time only and in the multiple entry visas, you will be allowed for many times. Find more about Single Entry and Multiple Entry at CIC

Basic Requirements To Get Canada Tourist Visa From India

You must have a valid passport with a good validity time.

You must be in good health

You must own a good character

You need the skill to convince the immigration officer that you have a family, business or work, and assets here in India for which you will come back India. It makes the immigration officials believe that you won’t get settle down there in Canada.

You must convince the immigration officer that you will definitely leave Canada before the visa expires.

You must own sufficient funds which justify that you are self-sufficient and you don’t do any work on a tourist visa in Canada, which is accounted as illegal.

Procedure of ‘How to Apply For Canada Tourist Visa From India’

know-how-to-get-canada-tourist-visa-from-india1 Know How To Get Canada Tourist Visa From India

Step 1: Visit Canada International Website and Click on Visit. Then download the appropriate form and relevant tourist checklist documents.

Step 2: Fill the form and all other necessary documents electronically before taking a print.

Step 3: Pay Visa fees a per Canadia Visa Website Instructions

Step 4: Take your passport, photographs, completed forms and supporting documents to a local Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC).

Step 5: Once you are at CVAC, hand your application form and obtain the receipt after paying the service charges. The receipt which you obtain from CVAC contains your unique tracking number which is required to track the progress of the application online.


But I have a better way for you to suggest, visit VFS or Visa Avenue website and talk to them to complete the tourist visa with a hassle free process.

Hope you liked the post and if any changes or suggestion you wanted to tell then you are most welcome.

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