Poorna Malavath: A Youngest Girl Who Scaled Mount Everest at the age of 13 Years

Poorna Malavath: A Youngest Girl Who Scaled Mount Everest at the age of 13 Years

POORNA: Courage Has No Limit” a Telugu/Hindi adventure biographical film which makes every Indian proud for the feat achieved by a girl Poorna Malavath and Sadhanapalli Anand. At the age of 13 years 11 months, Poorna Malavath scaled the highest peak of Mount Everest with her sheer grit and determination. Poorna Malavath is the youngest girl to achieve such feat in the world at Everest.

How I happened to Watch Poorna Malavath Movie

On 16th April 2017, means yesterday I was checking the films showcasing in my city in BookMyShow App. Frankly speaking, there wasn’t any poster been displayed in the App of Poorna movie, but then when I read the name POORNA I remembered a news article which I read recently about the film. Soon, I jumped to the google to search about the movie, and when I read the synopsis I couldn’t stop myself to book the tickets.
Within an hour after booking the tickets, I reached the PVR Punjagutta, Hyderabad theater to watch the movie. To my surprise there was nearly 80% occupancy in theater, especially parents brought their kids to watch such inspiring movie.

Life of Poorna Malavath

SUMANA-kL8G-621x414@LiveMint Poorna Malavath: A Youngest Girl Who Scaled Mount Everest at the age of 13 Years
Image Courtesy: Livemint

Poorna and Priya two close friends and neighbours, whose fathers weren’t able to pay the fees for school. So, their teacher forces them to sweep the school till their parents pay the fees. Priya is an aggressive girl, whereas Poorna is a nervous girl. One day while sweeping the floor of a school, Priya finds a pamphlet of Telangana Social Welfare Residential Education Institutions Society and after reading about the facilities they will provide in the school she asks Poorna to accompany her to run away from home to join the school. The conversion between Priya and Poorna about the school and facilities gives you a teary eye and shows how poor they are.

But, their running away from home plan fails. Due to that Priya father get her married forcefully. Priya urges Poorna to go there and study to create a better life for her. Somehow Poorna joins the after taking her father’s acceptance.

She was on cloud9 for joining the school, but real nightmare came at the time of lunch. Whatever been promised in the pamphlet weren’t there and the food provider behaved rudely for which Poorna gets afraid and run away from the School.

As soon as the news learnt by the newly joined Secretary of the Society Dr R S Praveen Kumar, he plans to visit the school. On his way he finds Poorna sitting on a rock. He enquires the Problems and tries to fix it. During fixing such issues Dr R S Praveen Kumar faces many issues, we all know what are those when you fight against corruption and you can watch those issues in the movie as well.

Poorna Malavath Hardwork Towards the Glory

The hardwork of Dr R S Praveen Kumar to give something better in the life of students was a good thought, and at last when the summer vacations came he decided to arrange a rock climbing classes for the children under the guidance of Sekhar Babu Bachinepally (an expert Rock Climber). There the students climbed like experts, and at that time he decide to train these students to become something big. Out of a lott of students who get trained at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute(HMI), Darjeeling only Poorna Malavath and Sadhanapalli Anand excels. Eventually they gets selected for Everest Expedition Training at the HMI.

The wonderful part is when Dr R S Praveen Kumar asks Poorna and Anand about why they want to be do Everest Expeditions.

Anand says, My dad joined me into this school by knowing that I will get better food and good education here to become a better man. And this is one of that opportunity which I don’t want to lose.

Poorna after a pause says, I don’t know anything more than Climbing Rock. Please select me.

Dr R S Praveen Kumar, though not convinced with Poorna’s answer asks her to continue the training but he want proper answer in coming days to his questions.

Days pass on, Poorna excels well in the competitions. She surpass Anand in the training sessio, though he is elder to her in the age. Everyone gets impress of Poorna’s performance.

Bad Phase at the Young Age of Poorna Malavath

Then there you go, something bad must happen to bring the best in a person. And that’s what exactly happens, Priya dies while giving birth to child due to Jaundice. Poorna breaks down and slowly losses her concentration. She decides to give up with a thought of what is left for here to do, when her best friend, supporter and sister like person Priya is no more in the world.

Twists are always there in life, so in the life of Poorna Malavath?

The twist comes when she receives a letter from a person where she have to submit all her equipment before leaving the institute. The letter was from Priya, but she opens it after boarding a bus to go back home.

I am really saying this, the words of Priya in that letter will literally make you cry. And I cried in the theater.

The Best Part of Poorna Malavath’s Life

5754_primminister Poorna Malavath: A Youngest Girl Who Scaled Mount Everest at the age of 13 Years
Image Courtesy: TheHansIndia

Poorna goes back to the institute and hugs Dr R S Praveen Kumar. And then she says ‘now she have an answer for his question’. At that moment a proud and happy feeling truly struck the audiences.
I won’t write about the difficulties she faced while scaling the Mount Everest here, because that is one of the best episode which should be watched in the theaters. Well, you can have a look at here in the video as well.

The moments she reaches the peak and waves the Indian Flag, a happy tears will roll down your eyes for sure.
After watching this movie, I felt like I am super charged. I stopped worrying about what will happen if I do this and that. I just decided to sail through life and do what I like. I am super charged to face difficult battles with a smile like POORNA. Even though she is younger to me, she is an Inspiration for the way she fought with poverty and nervousness to achieve such big glory.

A big Salute to Dr R S Praveen Kumar . Also a Big Shout to Rahul Bose the Producer of the film and to the cast.

POORNA MALAVATH, a name to remember. A Story to Tell. An achiever to look forward.

If you liked the blog post, then I request you to do share with others. Poorna’s Glory should be acknowledged by everyone. And don’t forget to watch the Movie “POORNA: Courage Has No Limit”

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