Best Travel Movies of Indian Cinema

Best Travel Movies of Indian Cinema

Are you dreaming of travelling and looking for an inspiration to kick start your journey? Then here I present a compilation of Travel Movies of India.

Riding solo to the top of the world

Riding-Solo-to-the-Top-of-the-World Best Travel Movies of Indian Cinema
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Riding Solo to the top of the world is a story of a lonesome traveller, who rides his motorcycle from Mumbai to one of the remotest places in the world, the Changthang Plateau, in Ladakh, bordering China. Changthang plateau which is a land devoid of roads with temperatures that dip to minus 40 degree Celsius in winter.

This movie is about a filmmaker Gaurav Jani’s brave solo motorcycle ride. Throughout Riding Solo to the top of the world, Gaurav Jani is a one-man film unit. The landscapes he passes by and the people he interacts will astonish you.

Riding solo to the top of the world is a film about the journey of Gaurav Jani who is seeking the person within.

This film will definitely inspire you to do something different, Pushes you to break the dictatorship of others who decides what we should do and what we shouldn’t. It is one of the best travel movies.

One Crazy Ride

One-Crazy-Ride Best Travel Movies of Indian Cinema

The documentary film is directed by Gaurav Jani, who is a founder of 60KPH Club in India. He sets a journey to explore lesser known parts of India with his four other biking enthusiast. They chart a route which does not exist in the northeastern state ‘Arunachal Pradesh’. This film achieved 3 prestigious film awards. So, you must watch this film before planning such trips.

Yevade Subramanyam

Yevade-Subramanyam Best Travel Movies of Indian Cinema
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This film is a journey of a protagonist Subramanyam, who is a restless nerd who has been climbing up the corporate ladder until he meets his childhood friend Rishi. Rishi always tries to inspire Subramanyam to step out of his restless mode and asks him to come with him to travel to Doodhkashi. In a partying episode, they meet Anandi. As Rishi dies in helpless consequences, Anandi urges Subramanyam to travel to Doodhkashi as it is Rishi’s favourite place.

They travel together to Doodhkaashi to complete the last rites of Rishi. And in that journey where Subramanyam understands, Winning is not about moving ahead in life altogether, it’s solely connected to enjoying the moments that are offered in life. This one of the best travel movie made in Telugu.


Queen Best Travel Movies of Indian Cinema
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Indeed it is one of the best travel movies which is solely based on finding self. Rani the protagonist was an under-confident woman from Delhi. After her marriage broke up, she decides to go to Honeymoon on her own. She doesn’t have a clue of western culture and language. Still, she decides to travel and finds life.

Meeting strangers, Inspirational lives and finally finding her inner self is the whole plot of the story. When she comes back from her all alone honeymoon trip, she finds herself as changed woman, even her parents. She is no more under confident. All this is because of one decision, and that is ‘To Travel’. If you are looking for some inspiration, then you must watch this travel movie.

Neelakasam Pachchakadal Chuvannabhoomi

Neelakasam-Pachchakadal-Chuvannabhoomi Best Travel Movies of Indian Cinema

This movie is a story of two friends who set out on a road trip from Kerala to Nagaland. The entire films show the beautiful landscapes, the hardships, the flashbacks and the people they meet in their journey who inspires them to believe in themselves. This film is a resemblance of its title which means ‘Blue Skies, Green Waters, Red Earth’. This film inspires to you take a road journey for sure.

Aranyer Din Ratri

Aranyer-Din-Ratri Best Travel Movies of Indian Cinema

The title translates to ‘Days and Nights in the Forest’. This is an adventure film set in 1970, in which four friends go on a holiday to a forest. A Review by Upperstall says “It is like rites of passage for them as they are forced to come to the terms with their shortcomings and by the time they drive back to the city, they are no longer the same”

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi-Na-Milegi-Dobara Best Travel Movies of Indian Cinema
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This film Indeed speaks the truth ‘Life is not found twice’. Whatever you planned, just do it now. Don’t postpone it. Because we only have one life. This travelling film exactly tells the same, where three friends go to Spain to celebrate a bachelor’s party. Through their journey they discover the love of their family, true value of the friendship, love of their life and ultimately they understand what it means to be oneself.


And if you are inspired to travel and about to kickstart, then please check who are you  Are you a tourist, a traveller or a backpacker? before you start!

Have a Great Travelling Memories.

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